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Our knowledge is broad, but our focus is narrow. Simply put, we help clients grow their businesses by driving leads and acquiring customers.

Part art, part science, our CUSTOM MARKETING SOLUTIONS are DATA FOCUSED and impact every step of the MARKETING FUNNEL to drive performance. 

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You wouldn’t build your dream house without a blueprint, right? Then why do so many companies just “try stuff” without making sure that the marketing initiatives are calculated and aligned with a corresponding strategy? At Viden, we start with a comprehensive and customized plan for each and every client.

Product Positioning | Media | Creative Messaging | Customer Flow & Experience | Measurement & Optimization

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More than 40,000 searches are conducted on Google every second. For the non-math wizards, that’s 3.5 billion searches per day. Don’t lose customers to your competitors, Viden brings new visitors to websites and implements strategies to convert them into leads and customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Pay Per Click Campaigns (PPC) | Email Marketing | Content Development Inbound Marketing Strategy

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Some people think traditional marketing channels (Radio, TV, Print & Direct Mail) are dead, but our experience shows otherwise. With the right strategy and execution your company can generate hundreds or even thousands of new customers every week.

Direct Marketing Strategy | Campaign Management | Partnership Marketing

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