Whether you are browsing a website or meeting with a digital marketing company, there are certain words that you should look and listen for. These simple words should raise red flags in your mind that something isn’t quite professional or legitimate about the company you may be partnering with.

Here is a short list of words that will tell something is not quite right.

“Fast, Simple, Easy”

These are three words that never, ever apply to SEO. If obtaining the results you want was a fast, simple and easy process, why would you have to outsource the job to a professional agency.

The fastest results you will see in the digital marketing realm come from pay per click (PPC) campaigns, and that is because you are literally paying to have people instantly brought to your website.

SEO is a slow process, so beware of marketing agencies who promise instant results.

“Secret Sauce”

There’s only one SEO-related company that truly has a secret sauce: Google, and they’re not even that secretive about it. Short of releasing the code for their search algorithm, Google does everything they can to instruct marketers how to rank well.

One of the top questions you should ask a marketing agency is, “how do you get the results that you do?” If their answer is that they use some type of proprietary technology or secret formula that they refuse to reveal, they are likely hiding the fact that they are doing something shady.

SEO is a very open field, and agencies are very open about how they attack it.


Is digital marketing cheaper than other forms of marketing (say, Radio and TV)?


Does that mean the services always come cheap?

No, and you should avoid agencies who pride themselves on these “discounted” services.

Good marketing agencies know and charge for what they are worth. This is because inbound marketing takes a lot time, resources and expertise to be successful.

You shouldn’t overpay companies who underperform, but don’t think that you are getting a great deal from a company whose main pitch is their low, low pricing.


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