People have many shared fears: spiders, the dark, heights. The one thing that should scare all businesses that are looking to outsource their marketing is wasted time and money. Unfortunately, not all marketing agencies have a strict code of values that guide everything they do. Some are out simply to make money and waste people’s time.

If you are looking for a marketing partner and don’t want to waste your time or your money, here are few things bad agencies do that should terrify you.

They Promise You the World, And Then Some

Any good marketing agency will tell you that marketing is a fickle beast. There are no guarantees, everything changes quickly and there is no fast track to success.

Are there ways in which you can maximize your chances of success? Absolutely. Can a company just work their magic and place you at the top of Google’s search engine results pages? Absolutely not.

Any company that tells you they can magically make your business grow fast is either selling you a lie or employing black hat tactics, which will certainly get your website blacklisted or your emails sent right to spam folders in a hurry.

What Should You Do?

If it seems like a company is overselling you on their marketing abilities, question them heavily on the specifics of their strategy and tactics. If they immediately spout generalities, divert your attention elsewhere or tell you their tactics are proprietary or a secret, find yourself another marketing partner.

They Tell You It’s Cheap, Free, Etc.

Marketing is an investment that, when done correctly, yields an extremely high ROI. But it still is an investment, and because of the time that goes into proper strategy and execution, it costs more than a few pennies. Any company that is willing to do what appears to be extensive amounts of work for very little is doing one of a few things:

  1. Hiding fees and costs from you.
  2. Not a very experienced company (and is thus willing to work for very little)
  3. Outsourcing services to content mills and other unknown sources.

Some companies can afford to market your company for very little money because they often get their content (blogs, emails, etc.) from content mills for very cheap. Content mills churn out low quality content that isn’t SEO optimized or specifically targeted towards your audience. In the worst case scenario, it has been plagiarized from someone else’s website. They also buy leads and email addresses from companies who sell them to countless others. These are not the targeted leads that will generally result in sales for your company.

Be wary of agencies that have deceptively low prices.

They Hide Their Reporting

A marketing agencies reporting is how they remain accountable to their clients. Without it, you have to rely on your own devices to ascertain whether or not your are getting the results that you want.

Marketers should always share their reporting with their clients. If your marketing partner doesn’t, they are likely trying to hide something from you.

At Viden, we base our reputation on our results. Each one of our clients get to see our process, our strategy and our results. It’s how we build trust with our clients, and it’s how we have built strong partnerships with companies from many industries.

To learn more about how we work with our clients to bring success to their business, contact us today.