Marketing agencies are not exactly rare these days, and they come in all different sizes. But not all of them are the right partners for any company looking to generate some leads. While the larger agencies work well with their corporate clients, they aren’t always the best choices for small and mid-sized businesses.

The right smaller agencies also come with a few benefits of their own. Here are a few things small marketing agencies can do that larger ones can’t.

They Move Quickly

It takes a lot less time and force to move a small speedboat that a cargo ship. Smaller marketing agencies are ready to move at a moment’s notice. That’s because their small, tight-knit teams quickly communicate to get the ball rolling on projects. With a larger agency, there are layers upon layers of account representatives, creatives and managers to go through before any project can get off the ground.

If you need something done quickly, or you want to dive right into your marketing without going through layers of people and upper management, you’re better off finding a smaller agency that can act as a branch of your company, rather than a vendor.

They Are Willing to Innovate

Bigger agencies pride themselves, to a fault, on their process and the marketing strategies. Many creatives at these companies will often tell you that they are discouraged from taking initiative in order to fall into the process that has been laid out for them.

Smaller agencies are always looking to work closely with your business to find new ways to bring your leads. What has worked in the past for marketing is not guaranteed to work in the future. In order to stay ahead of the competition, businesses must always be searching for new ways to market their products or services.

They Focus on the Customer

With a small agency, you aren’t just an account number, and the relationship you have isn’t based on customer/vendor. Smaller agencies act as your own personal marketing team, an extension of your business that just happens to be located offsite.

Larger agencies often get lost in their pools of clients, while smaller agencies are more selective with who they want to work with. When you partner with a company like Viden Marketing, you can rest easy knowing that we are invested in your products/services and your business as a whole. We work with you because we want to, no because we are looking for another client to add to our roster.


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