As a data-driven marketing company, we know and understand the value of SEO stats. From site traffic to click-through and bounce rates, page time duration and everything that any software records, there’s a lot to sink your teeth into from an analytical standpoint.

This is the reason why many companies just can’t get ahold of their SEO marketing. The know they should be doing something, but they are often entirely unsure as to which strategies work and, more importantly, how to actually measure them.

That’s because there is an inherent problem with SEO statistics: they often don’t give you the entire picture of your SEO performance.

The Lies Your SEO Statistics Make You to Believe

 The SEO stats you are looking at, provided your analytics software is doing its job, will be accurate, but they often aren’t showing you the entire picture.

The lie that is told is what you tell yourself based off the statistics you see. Consider this scenario:

You’ve been implementing an SEO strategy for months and have seen big increases in your website traffic (let’s say double the amount of people now visit your website). Page duration is up, but your clickthrough rate is low and your bounce rate on landing pages has increased, as well. On top of all of this, your website conversions (and thus, your sales) are down for the quarter.

How can this be? You know your website content is written well, is SEO optimized and stands out among all your competition.

So what’s the problem? Do you see it yet?

Here is why your SEO strategy is getting you the traffic you want, but not the leads your sales team needs:

You’re likely bringing in the wrong type of traffic.

How Can Traffic Be Bad?

While the overall goal of SEO should be to drive more people to your website, not all traffic is good and useful to your business. If you focus on broad keywords that are related to your products, you may end getting a lot of people who aren’t looking for your specific products and services.

The keyword research you perform is important because it allows you to home in on the right kind of traffic. Just because people are visiting your website doesn’t mean they will be buying your products or services.

What You Should Focus on, Instead

Don’t let an SEO company simply sell you on getting more traffic, and don’t believe your marketing company if the only analytics they deliver are as menial as website traffic. You want to keep the focus on the leads, and their quality, that are coming in. If you are constantly being contacted by low quality leads, you will never see an increase in the most important metric: sales.


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