Even the best authors suffer from writer’s block. So it stands to reason that businesses can struggle to create a blog that attracts the right kind of attention to their website.

If you are struggling to gain any traction on your company’s blog, follow these quick tips to get your blog off the ground!

Don’t Worry Too Much About Post Frequency

How many times should you post on your blog every month? There is no magic number. Some companies only post once per week. Larger companies will post multiple times per day.

You likely don’t have an army of content writers cranking out fresh content every hour, so don’t worry about keeping up with the blogs of larger company.

Here’s a cliche: it’s quality over quantity. It only takes one blog to drive in traffic to your website, and a few good blog posts that rank high for long tail keywords are infinitely better than a hundred poorly optimized posts that will never be read.

Learn How to Optimize a Web Page

Speaking of optimization, every blog post that you write should be well optimized. This will give it the best chance of being found by people searching for information on the topics you write about.

How do you optimize a web page for SEO? As it turns out, we wrote a comprehensive blog post on that very topic. Read our guide to optimizing a website for keywords and SEO rankings.

Having Something to Say

Going back to the concept of post frequency, you should never write a blog post just to get something onto your website. Nor should any blog post ever be written strictly for search engine optimization purposes. There will always be thousands (or millions) of other blog posts written about the same topic. Many of these will be just as optimized or more than yours.

Thankfully, SEO isn’t all about keywords.

Google ranks blog posts based on how often they are read, how long people stay on the particular page, how often they are shared (i.e. linked to) and whether the user leaves the website or moves to another page.

Always write content that you know people will want to read. Have something different to say, and never just pilfer ideas from a previously written blog post.

Be different. Be unique. Be memorable.

Add Calls to Action (CTAs)

After a person finishes reading your blog post, what should they do? Where should they go? If you do not guide them, there is a big chance that they will exit the site in a hurry. Calls to action (e.g. buttons, forms, etc.) are the best way to direct readers to other parts of your website, encourage them to convert and keep them engaged with what you have to offer.

Always finish a blog by directing the reader towards taking an action or moving to a different page.

Share Your Content and Encourage Engagement

Once your blog post is finished, don’t just let it age on your website. Share it with as many people as you can!

You can include links to blog posts in marketing emails and social media posts. Encourage people to read, share and interact with your content. This is the fastest way to boost your SEO ranking and drive the right traffic to your website.


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