There is nothing more frustrating than a PPC campaign that isn’t delivering the results you want. It’s painful to watch your monthly ad spend eat away at your marketing budget without yielding an increase in sales, which is why many companies who dive into the practice give up once shortly after.

A lot of work goes into formulating and implementing a PPC campaign. Even after it is launched, more testing and changes must follow. But optimizing a paid search campaign doesn’t have to involve time-consuming rewrites of ads, redesigns of landing pages and reworking of strategy. There are few quick tweaks you can make that may increase the performance of your ads.

Eliminate Needless Keywords

You may be tempted at first to cover as many keywords as possible with your ads. Even Google is known to make suggestions on the backend of AdWords, allowing you to add dozens of new keywords to your campaign with the click of a button.

It seems like a great idea, as casting a bigger net will always allow you to catch more fish. But if you are looking to only catch one particular type of fish, and you incur charges for every fish that enters your net, a bigger net is going to get you into trouble quickly.

It’s not that Google is trying to sabotage your AdWords campaign, but more keywords means more people will find and click on your ads, causing you to spend more money.

Think about which types of customers you are trying to attract. If you sell fitness clothing, it’s best that you avoid setting something as generic as “clothing” as your keyword. Don’t be afraid to get specific. Test new keywords, and don’t be afraid to discard those that aren’t performing well.

Tweak Budgets

You don’t have to evenly spread out your PPC budget across your ads. If certain ads are performing better than others, increase their budgets. Don’t be afraid to shift your money around based on performance.

Similarly, you can set ads to be appear on certain days or at certain times. After your ads have been running for some time, you will be able to gauge if they are performing better at certain times.

Adjust Your Bids

You can easily hit your budget cap if you are constantly going for the number one spot on every single keyword. If your bids are too high, you will hit your budget cap quickly and your ads won’t appear at all. Sometimes it is best to pull back on your bids in order to maximize clicks rather than appear in the top spot. Google allows you to set a bid style rather than manually adjusting each bid.


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