Are you staying “top of mind” when it comes to your prospects? It’s a silly phrase that marketers use, but it’s a valuable strategy that many people forget to implement.

Businesses too often become enamored by targeted marketing campaigns, which isn’t surprising because they produce immediate results. It’s definitely worthwhile to send highly targeted email offers to former customers, enticing them to buy more, but what about prospects? What about the people who haven’t yet converted, but hold the potential to become paying customers?

This is the power of marketing to people who don’t want what you are selling, at least not yet.

Insert Yourself Into the Lives of Customers

Prospect marketing is about inserting your business into a person’s everyday life, but not quite pushing too hard when it comes to sales. If you have identified a subset of people who know could benefit from your products, but don’t exactly want them just yet, you have to gently insert your business into their life.

Prospect marketing is a game of finesse. Press too hard and you’ll turn people off. Press too gently and they’ll forget about your business in an instant. When you hit the happy medium, they will be ready to convert when the time comes.

Just Don’t Forget to Bring an Offering

When advertising to customers, your product or service is your offer. You have something that a person wants, you simply have to convince them to choose your company. When trying to stay top of mind with prospects who aren’t ready to buy, your offering must change into one of two things: information or entertainment.

This is content marketing at its finest.

When you produce valuable content that prospects want to consume, you keep your business at the top of their minds when it’s time for them to buy.

Entertain. Inform. Inspire.

Good content does one or more of these three things. It doesn’t necessarily sell your product, but it’s an investment that you should be making in order to stay in front of your customers. Keep your flow of content consistent and you will see results.


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