Analytics is the backbone of marketing. It tells us what is working, what is not and where we can change gears to see greater results for our clients. The data that we gather – particularly what we measure through our digital efforts – can include:

  • Website traffic and lead capture
  • Email open and click through-rates
  • PPC ad performance
  • Keyword rankings

The list can go on, and is entirely dependent upon the direct and digital services that we customize for each client. There are never too many ways to measure performance, which is why it is such a large part of what we do. One of the things we have learned from our clients is that the agencies they have previously worked with did not share reveal marketing analytics. And we believe this is a big problem.

Why is sharing market insights and analytics this important?

It Promotes Trust and Brings Accountability

Two of the most important components of partnering with an agency are trust and accountability. The client must trust their marketing partner to perform well and always act with their best interests in mind.

Sharing marketing analytics through reporting is the best way to promote that trust and bring about accountability. When the results are out in the open, clients will know whether or not their marketing partner’s tactics are working.

At Viden Marketing, we carefully draft deliverables calendars to let our clients know what work will be completed and when. It keeps a line of communication between our team and our clients open and holds us accountable for delivering results.

It Offers Insights and Helps Formulate Strategy

We use our analytics, a lot. They tell us when we need to hit the brakes on certain strategies and when it’s time to step on the gas and go full throttle. They also help us improve our strategies based on what we know is and isn’t resonating with a particular audience.

Sharing these results, both the positive and the negative, with our clients helps us work together to formulate new ways to generate leads. We know marketing tactics and strategy, but no one knows your company better than you.

Together, we use our analytics to drive better performance. Our goal is to work with our clients to learn their business, their industry and their products/services so that we can eventually operate as a single team with one goal in mind: generating leads and delivering results.

It’s the Right Thing to Do

Part of our core beliefs – what we call The Viden Way – is always doing right by our clients. While some marketing agencies hide their performance behind mounds of data, we keep it at the forefront of our reports. Our performance directly affects your company’s performance. If you are working with an agency that doesn’t have a good handle on their marketing analytics (or hides them from you altogether), give us a call to discuss how we can start a partnership that will bring you the leads you have been waiting for.