Are you happy with your marketing?

If not, we can help. Viden will deliver results for your business, guaranteed. We do not take your business for granted, and we also know that we only win when you win. That's why we track and report on the metrics that are most important to your business. If we're not driving outcomes for your business, you can fire us. It's that simple.

Viden is a full-service marketing agency, with extensive expertise in:

We work across verticals and categories, throughout the United States, with organizations of any type and size.

Our engagements are fully customizable, providing you and your business with exactly the services you need.

Direct Response TV, Radio, + Print Advertising

Media Planning
Remnant Media Buying
Creative Production


Paid Search + Paid Social
Social Media
Email Marketing

Design +

Website Development
Branding + Positioning
Graphic Design
Content Creation



Our Approach is Not Magical or Mystifying

No AI robots or industry mumbo jumbo, just effective marketing done right. With Viden, you can expect:

  • Thoughtful and continuous learning about your business.
  • Campaigns and assets designed to make an impact.
  • Efficiently-priced and highly-targeted media placements.
  • Data-driven decision-making and daily optimizations to improve performance.
  • Regular communication (like humans) with you and your team.

And best of all, it works!
Take a look at what we’ve been able to achieve for our clients:

Case Study: DRTV

How Two Clear Objectives Reduced Risk and Nearly Halved This Client’s CPA.

Case Study: DRTV

How Active Campaign Management & Methodical DRTV Testing Led to a 63% Lower CPA.

Case Study: Digital

See How a Completely Refreshed Digital Approach Increased Conversions XX%

You will genuinely like working with our team.

We are down-to-earth straight shooters with decades of experience.

Team Categories:

Media Team

Creative Team

Account Operations


Andy Gass

Anna Brett

Ed Mezyk

Georgia Hughes

Greg Roers

Jessica Kenney

John Collins

Jordan Carlson

Kelly Cahoon

Kevin Withers

Mike Crissinger

Parker Dellis

Rachel Burbach

Sam Strachan

Every agency says they’re different.
We actually mean it.

Your business benefits from our relentless focus on a few core principles and beliefs.

You have access to our full team.

Seriously. In fact, here’s the mobile number of our CEO, Ed: 123-456-7890.

Consider us an extension of your internal team. Because we legitimately care about your business, we are here for you when you need us.

But beyond that, we are also proactive. We will reach out to you when we have an idea, observation, or question — we won’t wait until a scheduled meeting.

We don’t do unnecessary formality, or let red tape get in the way of success.

We work really hard for you.

Seems obvious, but it’s far too rare.

We show up. We hustle. We hit every deadline. We go above and beyond. We employ an ownership mindset. We don’t set and forget campaigns.

Why? Well, beyond it being the right thing to do, we’ve found it’s the only way to win in today’s world.

Every industry is competitive and every market is complex. If we’re not busting our butts for you day in and day out, we (and you) won’t succeed.

B.S. has no place at Viden.

We tell it to you straight — good or bad.

True partnerships are built on trust. If you can’t trust us as people, why would you ever trust us with your business?

Doing right by our clients is in our DNA. We won’t nickel and dime you, “out of scope” isn’t in our vocabulary, and there are no vanity metrics or nonsense KPIs at Viden.

Not only is that the most ethical way to treat others and achieve results, we honestly believe it’s the only way.

We are fortunate to work with
great business + brands.

Growing revenues, increasing profits, and exceeding expectations is why we do what we do.


Client Retention

Think you’re the right fit?

If you’re engaged, accountable, and ready to grow, there’s a place for you at Viden. Take the first step, email your resume today.

Ready to work with us?

If not, contact us anyway to see how we might be able to help you. Viden will deliver results for your business, guaranteed.


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