Do you know why you aren’t ranking for your company’s target keywords? Search engine optimization (SEO) is a multi-layered process that is extraordinarily involved. Many businesses kind of fumble into the process hoping to see results only to be sorely disappointed when they type a keyword into a search engine and fail to see their website appear.

Many companies that come to us express this concern. Although there are literally dozens of reasons why you aren’t ranking for your target keywords, we can likely narrow it down to one or more of these common reasons.

You’ve Chosen the Wrong Keywords

We always ask for a list of desired keywords that our new partners want to rank for only to realize that they are putting their focus on the wrong terms.

In SEO, there is generally a rift between what a company wants to rank for and the terms that potential customers are actually using to find a specific product or service. Just because you usually use certain terms to describe your business doesn’t mean that this is what customers are searching. Finding the right keywords requires a hefty amount of research into search trends, industry competitors and numerous other factors.

Your Website is Too New

If your website is fresh off the press, it’s likely that search engines like Google haven’t added it to their index yet (in other words, they just don’t know you exist yet). While Google reindexes the web frequently, it takes a while for your new website (and keywords) to begin ranking.

After your initial website is up, you must also supplement your static pages with new content via frequent content development in order to see substantial results.

Your Content Isn’t Well Optimized

And by optimized, we don’t just mean plugged with keywords. Google has long since abandoned the practice of simply counting keywords when ranking web pages. Your content must be useful to website visitors in order to garner more clicks, longer page duration and many of the other factors that go into ranking a page.

There is also an entire list of list of SEO errors that affect your search ranking, some of them even require development skills to rectify. Search optimization is more than the content that is on your page, it is even built into the code of your website.

Your Website Has No Backlinks

One of the best things you can have on your website for search ranking is a backlink, which is an external website that links directly back to your website (social media sites like Facebook don’t count).

How do you acquire backlinks? The first step is creating content that other websites want to share and link back to. The rest requires an extensive link building campaign that earn new links from worthy websites.


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