Last week, we shared the Content Marketing Institute’s recently released report on B2B content marketing statistics. This was their collected findings from an annual survey that they have conducted for the past several years.

This week, we are sharing some of the findings from the business to community report from the Content Marketing Institute. The report is titled B2C Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks. Budgets, and Trends — North America. You can read the full report here.

These are some of the most interesting statistics and conclusions we found in the report:

Most B2C Companies Use Content Marketing

According to the report, 86% of B2C companies use some form of content marketing. Of the 14% who do not, 51% plan to begin using content marketing in the next year.

Fewer Than One-Third of Companies Describe Their Content Marketing as Mature

The breakdown of how B2C companies view their content initiatives is:

  • First Steps: 14%
  • Young: 22%
  • Adolescent: 32%
  • Mature: 24%
  • Sophisticated: 6%

Although Most Use Content Marketing, Not Many Know What Success Looks Like

Only 40% of B2C companies know how to define success with content marketing. 33% of B2Cs don’t know how to define success and 26% are unsure.

Although they can’t define success, 18% are extremely committed to their content marketing strategy, 42% of B2Cs are very committed, 31% are somewhat committed and 8% are not very committed or not at all committed.

The Top Factors for Success

The top factors that B2C companies attribute to their success are (percent of B2Cs who attribute their success):

  • Higher Quality Content Creation: 77%
  • Content Strategy: 71%
  • Putting a Greater Priority on Content: 54%

The Top Tools Used

The most common tools used by B2Cs are (percent of B2Cs who use these tools):

  • Analytics: 78%
  • Social Media Calendar: 68%
  • Email Platforms: 68%

Revamp Your Content Marketing in 2017

Even if you have employed content marketing before, there are many ways to transform your strategy for the better. Content marketing requires a lot of fine tuning, and it’s just one of the services we offer at Viden Marketing.

To learn more about how we can transform your content marketing this year, contact our team today.