For the past several years, the Content Marketing Institute has released the collected findings of a survey of B2B businesses that outlines the state of the maturing content marketing industry. The report is filled with a lot of stats that content marketers can use to dictate their budgets and focus for the year based on the strategy of businesses like their own.

The report is titled B2B Content Marketing: 2017 Benchmarks. Budgets, and Trends — North America. You can read the full B2B Content Marketing Institute report here.

Here are some of the most interesting findings and statistics from the report:

Almost All Businesses are Using Some Form of Content Marketing

According to the report, 89% of B2B businesses are already implementing some type of content marketing. Of the 11% of businesses who are not, 52% plan to begin content marketing in the next year.

More Than Two-Thirds of Businesses Consider Their Content Marketing to be in Early Stages

The breakdown of how B2Bs assess their organization’s content marketing is:

  • First steps: 10%
  • Young: 26%
  • Adolescent: 35%
  • Mature: 22%
  • Sophisticated: 6%

More Than Half of B2Bs Are Unsure of How to Define Content Marketing Success

While most B2Bs have begun content marketing, 30% do not have clarity on what success looks like. 29% are unsure of how to define success, while 41% are confident in what success means to them.

Content marketing is a time consuming, but rewarding and cost effective way to boost sales and awareness for your brand. However, a clear path to success must be created before pushing forward.

Higher Quality Content and Content Strategy Were the Top Two Attributed Factors to an Organization’s Increase in Overall Success

85% of B2Bs said that more efficient/higher quality content creation was a factor in their increased success. 72% attributed it to development/adjustment of strategy. Some other reasons included:

  • Making content marketing a greater priority: 53%
  • Spending more time on content marketing: 53%

Not Enough Time Devoted to Content Marketing and Content Creation Challenges Were the Top Two Factors Attributing to Stagnant Success

52% of B2Bs cited not having enough time to devote to content marketing was a reason for their stagnant success, and 49% cited challenges while creating content. Some other reasons included:

  • Lack of strategy: 49%
  • Management/organizational issues: 38%

Many Organizations Don’t Employ Best Content Marketing Practices

Only 62% of B2Bs employ an editorial calendar, while less than half (47%) use buyer personas. Only 43% of B2B use social media guidelines. There is a clear lack of strategy and planning when it comes to content creation and sharing.

Change the Way You Market in 2017

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