We regularly come across potential clients who are disappointed in their marketing company’s inability to generate the results that they want.

In meeting with these companies, we have noticed a similar trend in the relationships they have with their failed marketing vendors:

The marketing companies were merely doing what their clients wanted, and their marketing strategy would go something like this:

Keywords? You tell us what you want to rank for. Blog topics? You choose them. What time should we send this email? What do you want us to do next?

We call these marketers “yes men”, and while they get the work done, they offer nothing in the realm of thought leadership.

Thought Leaders vs. Worker Bees

When you are looking to fill a role in your company, do you generally seek out a qualified individual to simply do the work?

Not likely.

What most companies look for is someone who can bring new ideas, strategies and viewpoints to the team. Worker bees may be talented at what they do, but without thought leadership and strategy, their efforts will eventually fall flat.

So why shouldn’t you hold the bar that high for your marketing partner?

You Know Your Industry, Marketers Know Theirs

You know your industry better than anyone, but the same is true for good marketing companies. When you form a partnership with a company, you are opening yourself up to a team of experts who understand the intricacies of marketing strategy.

Marketing is all about replicating positive results and adjusting to rapid change. Something always works until it doesn’t, then it becomes necessary to shift tactics until you find that sweet spot again.

When you hire a group of “yes men” to merely lighten your workload, you not only receive lower quality results, you are forced to watch over them and dictate everything that they do.

If that’s the case, you might as well bring in a team of interns to mindlessly get the work done for you.

Find a Partner, Not a Vendor

If there is one thing that marketers know, it’s that doing the same thing over and over again will eventually lead to failure.

You need fresh ideas, better strategies and endless expertise.

You don’t need someone who simply follows orders.

“Yes men” do not serve you or your business, they hinder your potential to grow. Next time you look for a marketing partner, look for a team that leads, not follows.

Look for thought leaders, not “yes men.”

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