The goal of every business with a focus on increasing their organic traffic is to rank as high as possible on Google search pages. It’s a feat that takes work to accomplish, but it is no way unavoidable even for new websites.

The journey was long, but it’s always well worth it for a client. Here’s how we ranked one of our clients website pages on the first Google search page.

Defining the Right Keyword

It all begins with a keyword. More specifically, a target keyword (or phrase) that our client wanted to rank for when it is searched by a user. The trick was finding the right balance of keyword search volume and competition. Too low of a volume means that the keyword isn’t necessarily worth pursuing. Too strong of a competitive index means spending too many resources pursuing a single keyword.

We worked with our client to find the right set of keywords that were worth their resources and that they could realistically rank for in a short amount of time.

Creating the Right Content

We decided to focus first on a single keyword, making that our priority in getting them on the first page (we focused on the others, as well, but this was the one we made our number one priority). Creating the content for it was as simple as answering a question. When looking to rank for keywords, ask yourself what types of questions people ask that pertain to your keywords. About 80% of searches are informational, and many searches are phrased as questions.

Answer the Question

Once we knew the question that we wanted to answer, we wrote a blog post addressing this question, making sure to weave in the keywords and all its applicable synonyms. That’s right, using synonyms and similar search terms within your content can help boost your ranking for a particular keyword.

Most importantly, we answered the question with good, original and well written content.

SEO Optimized Pages

Finally, we optimized the page just like we do for every other website page we work on. Read our web page optimization guide to see everything that goes into optimizing a page for keyword rankings.

The Result

To this day, that page is still ranking number three on Google search results, a big win for our client’s SEO strategy!


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