The purpose of inbound marketing is get potential customers to come to you, rather than having your team directly reach out to them via cold calling, trade shows, etc. This is achieved by attracting these 6 different types of website traffic:

#1: Organic Traffic

The bread and butter of search engine optimization (SEO), organic traffic is any traffic that lands on your website by searching a keyword or phrase on a search engine, then clicking on a link that runs back to your site.

In order to obtain this type of traffic, you must optimize your website for industry and product-specific keywords that you know your potential customers will be searching.

#2: Direct Traffic

Direct traffic is made up of internet users who land on your website by directly inputting your URL into a web browser. If you’ve ever typed a website into a web browser (i.e. Google), congrats, you are a part of the direct traffic for that website.

The only way to attract more direct traffic to your website is to ensure that as many people know about your website as possible. Every email, direct mail piece, etc. that you send out should contain your website’s URL. Place your URL on your social media sites, product packaging, business cards and anything else you can think of.

Brand awareness is the key to increasing direct traffic.

#3: Paid Traffic

Paid traffic refers to users who enter your website through paid internet advertising. Google AdWords is the most commonly used platform for pay-per-click campaigns (PPC), but there are also platforms on Yahoo, Bing, Facebook and various other social media sites.

While PPC relies heavily on how much you invest, smart PPC advertising will attract the right kind of traffic faster and for less money than blindly throwing money into paid search campaigns. It is incumbent upon you to find the right keywords and lead capture mechanisms to help their PPC success.

#4: Email Marketing Traffic

Email marketing traffic is, as its name states, traffic that lands on your website via links contained in the marketing emails that you send out.

Email marketing has its own set of best practices. To learn more, read up on some of our past blog posts about email marketing.

#5: Social Media Traffic

Social media traffic comes from your presence on any of the major social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Social traffic tends to start off slow, but you will find that is has a snowballing effect as you gain more followers.

There really is only one golden rule for social media marketing strategy: know your audience. Social media is your company’s opportunity to humanize itself, so reach out to your customers, study them and deliver content/posts that you know they will enjoy and interact with.

#6: Referral Traffic

Referral traffic relies upon having a stellar link building strategy. Referral traffic is measured by users who land on your website via external links clicked from other websites.

Let’s say you partner with a company who places your logo on their website. If that logo links back to your website and a user clicks on it, you have just gained a bit of referral traffic. This can also be obtained if a company sources some piece of content you’ve created (i.e. a blog post, study, infographic, video, etc.) by linking back to your website. Besides organic traffic, this is probably the best type of traffic to earn.

By creating shareable content, you can earn lots of backlinks, and therefore referral traffic, back to your website. Just keep in mind that links from social media website are not considered backlinks by Google, and therefore won’t impact your SEO rankings.

The Difference Between Good Traffic and Bad Traffic

You will learn quickly that not all website traffic is valuable. Unless you are running a website that is 100% contingent upon ad revenue (i.e. new sites, Buzzfeed, etc.), you want to attract the right kind traffic to your site. At Viden Marketing, we partner with you to learn your business, engage with your customers and get them to your website.

To learn more about how we attract the right kind of traffic to your website, contact our team today for a free consultation.