Content development drives inbound marketing, but it’s your website that gives you the ability to capture leads, convert customers and ultimately close the deal. Even though digital marketing has moved to the forefront, there are still a lot of subpar websites that are doing a disservice to the marketing campaigns of businesses.

Is yours one of them? Here are 5 ways your website could be hurting your marketing efforts:

It’s Poorly Optimized

Even the most beautiful website runs the risk of never being seen. If you don’t want your website to be a tree falling in the middle of an empty forest, you have to make sure that it is properly optimized.

We previously wrote a very comprehensive guide to optimizing a website. Read it to ensure your website is giving your company the best chance of being found organically.

There is No Lead Funnel

Once a user arrives on a particular website page, where are they supposed to go from there? If you can’t answer this question, then your website lacks a lead funnel for converting prospects.

It’s not enough to attract visitors to your website (unless you run a magazine whose profits are based on pageviews and ad revenue), you have to be able to entice users to do one of three things:

  1. Purchase a product
  2. Reach out and contact you
  3. Leave their information so you can reach out to them

Your website should be naturally set up to guide users through this process and increase your chances of conversion.

It’s Riddled with SEO Errors

Even if your website seems optimized on the surface (via keywords and enticing content), it may still be hurting your chances of being organically found.

There are many hidden errors that affect SEO and search rankings, make sure you are actively hunting them down and eliminating them.

There is No Way to Capture Leads

Website are meant to be informative, but they always act as a lead-capture mechanism. You can accomplish this by offering more information, content or discounts in exchange for customer information.

Set up form or popup box on your website that encourages users to leave their name and email address/phone number so that you can reach out to them.

It’s Ugly

Sorry to be blunt, but it’s 2017. If your website looks like it was designed and built in the late 90s, it’s almost better to not focus on driving customers to it at all. You don’t need to go out and spend $5,000-10,000 on a custom-coded website, but you do need a nice looking, well optimized website that is worthy of your company.


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