Email marketing campaigns must be effective in order to gain any type of return. Throughout the day, the average person’s inbox will fill up with both solicited and unsolicited mail.

In order to ensure that your marketing emails stay out of the trash, make sure they have these 5 elements:

#1: Quick-Hitting Copy

Writing copy for marketing emails is not like developing blog content. When writing a blog, you have the freedom to meander a bit, so long as the writing is compelling. There is no room to wander when writing email content.

Email content should be quick-hitting, powerful and above all else, short. While writing a blog post is like writing a short story, wherein it must draw the reader in immediately and hold them throughout, writing influential email copy is more like writing poetry.

Every word counts.

You must tell the reader everything they need to know, quickly. Your email content should answer the following questions:

  • Who are you?
  • Why did you send this email?
  • What’s in it for the reader?
  • How can they take advantage of this opportunity, sale, etc.?
  • Is there a time limit?

Everything else is a waste of the reader’s time.

#2: Eye-Catching Images

The human eye processes images far quicker than text. When most readers view a page, their eyes immediately move towards an image. It is here that your most important content should be displayed.

you looked here first didn't you?

Insert an image that commands the reader’s attention, then place on top of it a text overlay that contains:

  • Sales prices
  • Offers and opportunities
  • Deadlines
  • Whatever you want to tell the reader most

#3: Engaging Video Thumbnails

Although videos cannot often be placed into email themselves — they often do not stream properly, slow down load times and more often than not will result in emails being recognized as spam— you still can promote them using your emails.

Trick is to place a thumbnail or image from the video (make sure that it is clear that it is a video, not a regular image) that links back to the video itself. This can lead back to a page on your website.

Videos are great ways to lead people back to your website for more information or a possible conversion.

#4: Influential Testimonials

The power of testimonials cannot be overstated. Consumers want to see what your former customers have to say about your company and your products or services. They are one of the most influential pieces of content a website can place inside of an email.

Try to gather testimonials from your former customers by enticing them to fill out surveys (you can even offer prizes or discounts in exchange).

#5: Plenty of Options to Convert

Most importantly, you want your emails to have plenty of places for a reader to convert. Make sure to provide them with a pathway to a page that has a form to fill out, a product to purchase, an eBook to download, etc. Every email should have some type of call to action, and you can get readers back to your website through buttons, clickable images/videos and hyperlinks.

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