It’s a lot easier to make a mistake with search engine optimization (SEO) than it is to build up a good standing in search rankings. Thankfully, some of the most common SEO errors are also easily avoidable.

Don’t make these mistakes while optimizing your website:

#1: Creating “Keyword Rich” Pages

Search engines have long since done away with algorithms that purely focus on the keyword density of a page (i.e. how many times a target word or phrase is used on a page relative to the length of its content).

Longer pages filled with your keyword/s of choice are not guaranteed to perform better than significantly shorter pages with fewer targeted keywords.

Effective SEO is more about the usefulness of your content to the user.

The next time you are looking to optimize a page or write “keyword rich” content, focus on creating a page filled with information that people will find useful, rather than stuffing it full of keywords.

#2: Placing Text in Images

This is SEO-based web design 101. While images filled with content may look amazing on your website, search engines recognize them as virtually blank pages. While they are good at recognizing words on a page, they cannot sort out the content on an image. Users can see the content with their own eyes, but search engines see nothing but an image placed on a page.

If you want your content to have a backdrop other than your standard white web page, you will have to have a developer create custom code to get the job done.

#3: Solely Relying on Video Content

Just as with text buried within an image, search engines also can’t recognize content that is within a video. While video content makes for great blog posts and is easily shared, it’s not so SEO friendly.

There is a really simple workaround for this problem. If you are choosing to create a video-based blog post, transcribe the spoken content of the video and place it on the page. This gives search engines the ability to scan the content and also offers users another way to absorb what is being conveyed.

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