SEO marketers and website builders often rely on optimal word counts to effectively optimize a web page for SEO. But how many words does a web page need in order to rank well?

Most people say it’s about 250 to 300, but Google has never confirmed this.

Now that you know this, it’s time to break that rule and start writing content for users, not search engines.

Word Counts Matter, But Not Really

The 250 word count rule is not as open and shut as it seems. Sure, SEO tools frequently call out pages that do not exceed 250 words as low content, but what if you have given readers all the information they need in 100 words or less? Should you then add 150 pointless words to an otherwise complete web page?

The answer is decisively “NO.”

As Google as is Good at Identifying Useless Content, People are Better

Intentionally driving up word counts on website pages – whether by keyword stuffing, inserting industry jargon or by simply writing nonsense to boost word counts – is a surefire way to not only kill your web page rankings, but to turn off any potential customers from converting or otherwise purchasing your products.

Google’s search algorithm is surprisingly good at identifying keyword stuffing, and it’s even better at knowing when a page has been bloated due to useless content.

How can it tell? The users let them know.

Page rankings are based heavily upon user interaction, and people don’t like having their time wasted. It’s important to remember that effective content writing is simple writing. It is the delineation of a product or service, with a healthy dose of style thrown into the mix. Each web page should provide people with the adequate amount of information that will keep them moving through the marketing funnel of your website.

Everything else is just fluff.

Word Counts Galore

Marketing professionals say that the ideal word count for content should be anywhere from 300-2,000 words, but it’s also not uncommon for a 100-word page to outrank a page with 1,000+ words.


Because the content was concise, condensed and addressed the user’s questions, concerns, etc.

And it did it without any useless words.

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